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Kimberley Shero’s & not so Secret Womens Business

Kimberley Birds Magazine Layout & Design
This is a custom keepsake magazine featuring stories and photos from Kimberley Indigenous women, updates from our Indigenous business sector, plus much more – including business support articles, puzzles, recipes, and self-care tips and tools.

ClientKimberley BirdsDateMarch, 2022Share

Kimberley Birds Magazine needed a layout for this 164-page magazine that flowed well throughout each page, accompanied by a design that remained consistent with their brand. I placed their content and articles in the order they desired while making them visually appealing for the reader. The result was an informative and beautifully produced 1st edition of their magazine. Since then we have also worked together on the 2nd edition which saw the addition of a few extra articles. 

You can purchase this magazine on the Kimberley Birds Website

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