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2022 Recap

Creating a wrap-up video of the year that was has always being a project of love for me. I am alway so grateful for the memories the photos and videos provide with me. There is SO much that I do not and can not add into these recaps, but it is a gratitude project for me and personally one of the best things I do. 

2022 Wrap-up

Looking back over 2022 it has been a year of waterfalls and new challenges. Hiking into Revolver Falls for the second time was a rewarding challenge and always good fun with my friends. The first time I hiked Revolver we didn’t make it to the bottom of the fall, but we did climb to the top in 2021. This year we made it all the way in and hiked back out in the three days.

Andy’s Chasm was a lot of fun and the first time I’ve been required to jump off high levels. The water was amazing, the scenery stunning and other than taking forever to get the courage to jump off one particular ledge was an amazing time. I am so thankful for encouraging strangers and friends. 


There are the best days – of 2022!

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